I have been surfing for over thirty years and running my surf school since 1998. Surfing is my passion, and I have made it my mission to bring the surfing experience a little bit closer to everybody. Surfing has the ability to change your life. It is healthy, fun, exciting, challenging, and ( believe it or not) pretty safe. I believe that the key is to get the right advice, use the right equipment, and ensure you choose the right location for your first experience.

With a Physical Education teaching degree and a background in Special Education, along with many years as a swimming and aquatics instructor, I have developed my own unique style of teaching surfing, which makes the sport accessible to any one. There are no restrictions on who can learn to surf. Anyone can do it. Most surf schools only cater for fit, able bodied participants, but my techniques can help everyone. People of any age, any gender, any size, varying physical or mental abilities, and from any background can all take part in my lessons. Classes can be tailored to suit individuals or groups of up to twenty four. Instruction ranges from absolute beginner classes right up to advanced coaching techniques.

What I offer is a complete package, for the experienced surfer right through to the absolute beginner, with expert advice, accurate information, and the best equipment, all available online. On top of this, it is my teaching technique which differs from other surf schools, allowing me to have nearly a one hundred percent success rate of participants standing up and riding a wave during my course.

When was the last time you got so excited about a personal achievement that you screamed out loud? I love teaching surfing because of the joy it brings anyone who gives it a go. I will guide you step by step through every thing you need to know about surfing, from the first time you paddle out, to buying your first board and wetsuit, to planning your first surfari.

By setting up my surf school in Adelaide I can offer my range of services to a wider group of people. An Adelaide Surf School and one on Eyre Peninsula means I have complete access to the best beaches and the best conditions in SA. I taught myself to surf in Adelaide in the mid eighties, learning the ropes of the Mid Coast, then the South Coast. As I progressed I took weekend trips down to Robe in the South East and Yorke Peninsula. Eventually I headed West and found the best coastline in the world and decided to make Eyre Peninsula home for the next 17 years.

I hope to share with you my knowledge and passion for Surfing in South Australia.

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