Todd Booth, 45, Henley Beach

The Easter 2012 trip to the West Coast with King Surfing was, quite frankly, amazing. I learned a lot and advanced my surfing to a new level. Super friendly people who were nothing but encouraging, great hospitality and the rawness and beauty of this place were awe-inspiring. Incredible surf, beautiful waves and stoke to burn! This place is Kingo’s backyard and his guiding will take you to the best places and bag you the sickest waves. Probably the best kept secret in Australian surfing!

Denise, 43, Glenelg

Just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the July Surf Camp on the West Coast! OMG - the surf was amazing, the accommodation beautiful, and the scenery so spectacular! Thankyou for all your guidance and expertise, which has helped me restore my confidence and renew my love of surfing. You have an amazing way of speaking to everyone on their level, to encourage and inspire - and finding the way to bring the best out in each person. Thankyou for sharing your love and knowledge of the West Coast with us all, i thoroughly enjoyed meeting the crew who were from all walks of life, and I have memories that will last forever – especially surfing with the pod of dolphins at VB’s!!!!! Already looking forward to the next trip, and hoping we can encourage more girls to come along :)

Jamie, 51, Goolwa Beach

The surf on the west coast of South Australia rocks. It’s as good as anywhere else on the planet and during our Easter Surf Safari we experienced it at its best. Kingo took us to some fantastic out of the way surfing beaches, he's full of local knowledge and a great tour organiser/surf instructor...bloody good surfer too!!....a great experience for anyone who wants to ride waves...super friendly, fantastic scenery, great surf and something my son and I will do annually!...thanks Kingo......Jamie and Jack 51 and 17, Goolwa Beach SA.

Angus, 19, Adelaide

Kingo's surf camp, for me was nothing short of amazing. The trip offers waves for all levels of surfing, from tranquil beach breaks to some challenging reef breaks on the coast. From my experience, Kingo is a very knowledgeable guide on this coast. He knows the hotspots depending on the days conditions. Kingo is a top bloke and is well respected on the west coast, which is a must as locals down that way are pretty protective of the waves. Kingo made sure that everyone's expectations were met, with day trips to cactus and Elliston just to name a few. I highly recommend this trip for people after a great surfing experience, in an extremely breath taking part of the world. I sure as hell will not forget this trip anytime soon.

Nick, 17, Germany

It was a great experience. The west is simply amazing. Most of the locations we went to were suitable for intermediate surfers and I especially got awesome waves at Cactus. Kingo knows all the spots and their conditions. Venus Bay is probably the perfect location to stay for a trip to the west. I want to go again!

Justin, 17, Goolwa Beach

We stayed at Venus bay which is a small lovely town with a nice jetty to fish off. The surf spots were amazing. Nothing like I’ve seen before. It’s a real eye opener. I got some of my best waves ever and it boosted my confidence up. I would love to do it again. It’s well worth it, a great experience and a good way to meet new people.

Alistair, 20, Adelaide

The Kingosurfing trip was the best surf trip I've ever been on, we scored the best waves and it was great value for money! Kingo takes time to help everyone have the best time possible when it comes to improving your surfing and just having an all round good time. The night life was just as much fun as surfing during the day. You cover all the breaks suitable for all levels of surfing and meet a great new bunch of people in the process. I would recommend this trip to anyone who can or can't surf!

Jack, 17, Goolwa Beach

Sickest surf trip I have ever been on, surfed some of the best waves of my life with a bunch of great guys. Kingo took good care of us and made sure we surfed the best spots for our ability. Would definitely do it again.. Loved it!

Ethan, 20, Adelaide

On Kingo's surf trip I got to surf some of best performance waves I have ever surfed but without him as a guide I'm sure I would have not scored any where near as good waves. I was able to meet a bunch of new blokes that all loved surfing as much as I do and hang out with them and make new mates. We managed to get a couple of good surfs each day and one out the back of Kingo's house with no one else in the water which was a nice change from crowds at Victor but also we went to a couple of beginner beachies where a couple of the blokes who had only been surfing for a short period were able to surf and have the time of their lives. Also at these beaches Kingo was able to talk some sense into the bodyboarders and teach them how to stand up. All in all the trip was filled with good waves, good company and some hilarious memories, so if your’e willing to take the drive out west I would recommend this trip to all keen surfers of whatever standard you are!

Aleks Sliuzas, 23, Bridgewater - Adelaide hills

I've been surfing for seven or so years now and have been on a bunch of different surf trips some extreme out doors, some lux' as. This said, on this trip I surfed some of the best waves of my life, in some of the most extreme locations whilst bunking in complete comfort (except Kingo's tendency to want to go surfing at ungodly hours of the morning). Kingo's hospitality and local knowledge was second to none. He showed us the ropes at all the spots and was dead on every time. He was very patient with those less experienced surfers even though you could see he was itching for a wave himself. Good on ya Kingo! All in all, good waves, good company, good food, good local knowledge, good fun and I didn’t even get eaten by a shark or shot by a local! Stoked! When's the next surf Kingo!?!